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HP Mobile Battery Pack Replacement Program


HP Mobile Battery Pack Replacement Program

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Program Summary

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, on October 14, 2005, HP announced a worldwide voluntary recall and replacement program for battery packs used in certain HP notebooks. HP customers affected by this program will be eligible to receive a replacement battery pack for each verified, affected, recalled battery pack at no cost.

The computer industry has recently experienced battery pack recalls by other computer manufacturers. However, HP believes that this current battery pack recall is unrelated to any other announced battery recall. If you need prestamos sin buro click on the link.

HP and the battery pack cell manufacturer have identified a defect in assembled battery packs manufactured between March 2004 and September 2004. HP considers the defect to pose a potential safety hazard to end users.

The affected battery packs were distributed worldwide in the following notebook PC products:

NOTE: If your notebook is NOT listed below, your battery pack is NOT affected by this program. No further action is required.

HP Pavilion Compaq Presario
4200 ze4700 1100 V1000
dv7000 ze4800 2100 X4000
dx4000 ze5155 2500 X5000
dx5000 ze5200 R3000 X6100
dx7000 ze5300 R3200
zd8100 ze5400
ze4100 ze5500    
ze4100/xt1xx ze5600    
ze4200 zv5000    
ze4300 zv5200    
ze4400 zx5000    
ze4500 zx5200    
HP Compaq Compaq Evo
9000 nx9005 N1010v  
9005 nx9008 N1050v  
nc6000 nx9010  
nw8000 nx9105  

» Frequently Asked Questions

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Is HP recalling its notebooks? Why?

No. HP is not recalling its notebooks. HP is only recalling the battery packs, based on an issue with these products. The issue has been identified as being contained within the removable battery pack. The notebook will still function under A/C power, as designed, until you receive your replacement battery pack.

If my battery pack has been identified as eligible for replacement, and I have had no issues with it, could the battery pack have caused any damage to my notebook?

No. The issue identified is with the battery pack only and not with the notebook.

What notebooks are affected by the battery pack replacement program?

Please refer to the list of notebooks. Выбрать хороший микрозайм. And go to settings, try to make this tips.

Is it safe to buy HP notebooks?

Absolutely. HP fully stands behind the products it makes. HP has taken a proactive approach to this situation to ensure the safety of our customers and the integrity and quality of our products.

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Getting Started
If your notebook is listed above, determine whether this recall program affects your battery pack by following these steps:

1. Save and close all open programs.

2. Shut down your notebook.

3. Remove any external power source.

4. Remove the battery pack from the notebook.

Note: For assistance in removal of the battery pack, refer to the user guide supplied with the notebook.
5. Locate and record the following information:

  • Bar-code label on the battery pack which can start with:

    GC, IA, L0, L1

    Note: Not all battery packs with bar-codes beginning with GC, IA, L0, or L1 are actually affected. If your battery pack has a bar-code beginning with GC, IA, L0, or L1, proceed with the next step.
  • Notebook serial number

Validate Your Battery Pack
Note: For assistance in locating the notebook serial number and the battery bar-code label, refer to the illustrations by selecting your notebook product number below.

* Required Field

Locate the notebook product number on either the display bezel or on the bottom of your notebook and select it in the adjacent list. If your model is not included - Select 'Other/
Not Listed'.
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